Senior Software Engineer


Infinite Leap has an opportunity for a talented Senior Software Engineer to join our product development team. This role will be creating solutions around Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This is a fast-paced and challenging environment with excellent growth opportunities. If selected to join Infinite Leap’s Product Development team you will be joining the ranks of the leading experts on the effective use of real-time location systems (RTLS) technologies and data for the healthcare industry.


Responsibilities include:

  • Develop software primarily focused on cloud-scale sensor-data processing
  • Development tasks include: coding, testing, debugging, documenting, peer-reviewing, deploying, monitoring, and support. All tasks are performed in accordance with industry best practices and specific internal procedures and standards.
  • Work with designers, engineers, project managers and other disciplines to hit deadlines while maintaining a high quality product
  • Collaborate with colleagues and clients who may be located in other geographies
  • Contribute creative ideas for both products and technical aspects of solutions
  • Code and understand the complexities of, and help integrate, different third-party SDKs
  • Document technical and functional requirements along with product and troubleshooting guides
  • Deliver across the entire SDLC – concept, design, build, deploy, test, release
  • Provide rapid fixes and issue investigation and resolution during testing cycles
  • Apply debugging expertise, to address performance issues and crashes.
  • Participate in client support, providing resolution to customer-reported issues
  • Work independently to complete assigned tasks in an organized and timely manner
  • Contribute to weekly performance reporting to support enterprise visibility of active and planned projects
  • Expected to develop industry, product, and institutional knowledge through training, research, documentation, and hands-on client-use-case experience.
  • Supports and develops team by providing mentorship, coaching and constant learning
  • Experience leveraging automated testing frameworks
  • Experience debugging distributed systems with high data loads
  • Promote organizational accountability through example by exhibiting an outstanding work ethic. While a standard 40-hour working week is the norm, you can expect some evening and weekend work on occasion to meet deadlines
  • Participate in rotating on-call support schedule
  • Attend internal and customer meetings as required
  • Other duties as assigned



  • 5+ years professional experience with either Java, C#, Python, Go, Node
  • 3-5 years working knowledge of RTLS Systems
  • Strong experience working with 3rd party integrations
  • Strong experience with all steps in SDLC, taking project from vision through launch
  • Strong knowledge of AWS, Azure, GCP or similar cloud platform
  • Working knowledge of microservice architecture
  • Working knowledge of messaging systems such as RabbitMQ
  • Ability to work from home
  • Travel anticipated to be less than 10%
  • May be asked to achieve paid industry certifications
  • Maintain confidentiality and comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements
  • Subject to Background Check
  • Comply with required immunizations and health testing


Desired Skills and Traits

  • Communications – Ability to effectively communicate with all levels of staff and patients
  • Self Management – Demonstrating self control and an ability to manage time and priorities
  • Personal Accountability – Taking responsibility for personal actions and results.
  • Client Focus – A commitment to client satisfaction
  • Planning & Organizing – Utilizing logical, systematic and orderly procedures to meet objectives
  • Goal Achievement – The ability to identify and prioritize activities that lead to a goal
  • Problem Solving Ability – Anticipating, analyzing, diagnosing, and resolving problems.
  • Teamwork – Working effectively and productively with others
  • Written Communication – Writing clearly, succinctly and understandably
  • Tenacity – This role demands tenacity, boldness, assertiveness and a “will to win”
  • Frequent Interaction with Others – The role needs to be comfortable dealing with multiple interruptions on a continual basis, always maintaining a friendly interface with others
  • Urgency – The role requires decisiveness, quick response, and fast action. It will often be involved in critical situations demanding that on-the-spot decisions be made with good judgment. The job will repeatedly face important deadlines that must be met on time
  • Detail Orientation – The role deals with a large number of details. It requires that data and facts are analyzed and challenged prior to making decisions and that important decision-making data is maintained accurately for repeated examination as required
  • Follow Up and Follow Through – The role requires a need to be thorough and complete tasks that have been started.


About Infinite Leap
Infinite Leap provides performance excellence consulting services combined with the application of Enterprise Visibility (EV) technologies that enable healthcare organizations achieve superior clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. These outcomes are significant, measurable, and sustainable, often generating several millions of dollars in net savings/revenue through increased capacity, optimized asset and human resources, and reductions in incidents that extend patient’s length of stay. Ultimately, the patients are the greatest benefactors in the form of better quality of care, shorter wait times, and improved clinical outcomes.

Infinite Leap often serves as the internal “program management” function for our client’s EV initiatives. This includes EV vision and strategy development, financial and budget planning, current situation assessment, vendor selection, project management, current and future state assessment, process change management, metrics monitoring, internal communications and reporting, training, and ongoing support. Infinite Leap’s consultants are experts in patient flow, resource optimization, EV and real-time location systems (RTLS), and the application of lean and six sigma practices in the healthcare environment.