The Infinite Leap Team

We help you deliver the ultimate patient experience through real-time technologies. And because "we've been there" we make sure we take into account the impact it will have on your hospital team as well.

Who We Are

Putting humanity into healthcare is just part of who we are. Our team is made up of awesome, talented, and passionate people who bring a lot of different skills and personalities to the table, like seasoned healthcare providers and experts; business aficionados; highly trained workflow and process design engineers; talented and award-winning designers; expert developers; award-winning trainers; crazy smart technologists; dedicated and capable support technicians; creative types with brilliant ideas; a couple of comedians; and several team members that make sure we never forget how lucky we are to be part of making a big difference in changing healthcare.

We have the experience and skills your team needs. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our team’s proven leadership and experience in achieving real-time results yourself.

Meet Our Team

Mark Rheault

Founder and CEO

Mark’s one of the stellar minds and fearless leaders behind our company. He wants to make a difference in whatever he does… Read More

Mary Jagim

CNO / Director of Clinical Services

We joke about Mary being our famous, rock star team member who’s known wherever…Read More

Houston Klassen

Executive VP Business Development

As a technology and strategy mastermind, Houston is our team member who takes the complex and breaks it down…Read More

Dave Gorman

Chief Technology Officer

Dave is our team’s everything-technology-related guru. He knows how to build a solution, and build it well…Read More

Joanna Wyganowska

VP of Marketing

When you meet Joanna, you will not be surprised that we call her our “Energizer Bunny.” She always has a dozen…Read More

John Swart

VP, Solutions

John is our systems engineer who has done it all in healthcare RTLS: Designed RTLS hardware and software, written location algorithms…Read More

Scott Hondros

VP of Client Success

Growing up in North Carolina, Scott’s life has always been influenced and impacted by the ocean…Read More

Sue Estenson

Director of Product Delivery, Chief Privacy Officer

Sue has over 15 years of experience as a customer-focused, results-producing project management professional. Read More

John Olson

Director of Operations

There’s a great quote by Milton Friedman that states, “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies…Read More

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