The Importance of Taking the Time to Really Plan Your RTLS Solution

RTLS Solution Design

by  Houston Klassen, Executive VP at Infinite Leap

If you’ve ever gone through the process of building a home (or any other type of property), then you are going to understand the importance of this very well. It starts with sitting down with your family to discuss all the things that you’ve dreamt about for your new home, at some point that turns to engaging a professional home builder or a general contractor to construct a plan that matches all those “Wants” with the available budget.

From there, decisions need to be made… are there items that can be cut from the list to save budget? Should you include the options that the builder suggested that you’d never thought of? (given that they’ve built hundreds of homes and think of details that a typical homeowner would never consider without prompting). How your plans interact with a building code and a local homeowners’ association requirements, and what other events happening in your life that need to be taken into consideration as you plan your construction schedule. There is just a ton more to consider then the average homeowner would know to do on their own.

I’m not implying that with enough time, research, and motivation these things couldn’t be “figured out,” but most people are too busy with daily life to be able to understand all that it takes to build a home. As such, we generally find the expert who can safely, efficiently, and cost effectively walk us through the process and provide us a plan that will enable us to build the home that we want, at the budget we expect.

In reality, the process for planning your Real-Time Technologies strategy is not much different. However, the stakes are likely to be much higher as decisions impact thousands of patients and staff, and tens of thousands (if not more) of pieces of medical equipment and supplies.

To help you clearly define the wants, needs, and opportunities –all while identifying associated costs, risks, and the resourcing needed to make it all happened, our advisors can walk your organization through a proven Solution Design process.

Sound interesting?  We’ve helped guide some of the most significant and notable healthcare organizations in the world through this process.  We get so many inquiries from healthcare organizations on how this process works that we’ve created a quick 2-minute video to hit the high points. Take the time to give it a view and see the process we’ve designed and how it gets RTLS projects off to a start that you won’t ever have to recover from.

Watch the Real-Time Technologies Solution Design video

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