Need a quick way to let your patient’s family and friends know the latest updates without having to ask?

Want to make sure you can reach them without making them stay in a specific waiting area? Looking to allow family and friends to move about the facility without the added stress of feeling like they might miss something important? NotifyRT makes it easy to share the status updates they want, when they want them.

Individuals simply provide their cell phone number to the registration desk. They’ll be free to visit the cafeteria, use the facilities, take a walk, or de-stress however they need to without worrying about missing an important update. If there’s information about their loved one, they’ll receive the update via text. Many of these notifications will be automatically generated, but you’ll always have the option of sending customized and personal messages as well. Plus, if NotifyRT is integrated with automated milestone updates from the RTLS system, those will also be shared. It’s that easy.

Family and friends of your patients don’t have to feel restricted to the waiting area any longer. Help them reduce their stress, rest easier, and give them the immediate communication they want.

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