Bob Kraft, Ph. D.

Chief Data Scientist

Robert (Bob) may be a data geek… but he’s our data geek. With his doctoral degree from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Nuclear Engineering, he spent over 15 years at Wake Forest University School of Medicine as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.  His research focused on magnetic resonance imaging, neuroinformatics, and signal processing. He is always looking for better and faster ways at collecting more data and was in awe when he saw all the data being generated by the Real-Time Location System (RTLS) in action at Wake Forest Baptist Health.

With this incredible amount of raw data waiting to be mined, Bob felt compelled to use his expertise to figure out how to synthesize this data for making evidence-based decisions. To do so, Bob joined Infinite Leap as our Chief Data Scientist, and continues his passion by defining our data mining strategy for Real-Time Technologies – all with his contagious passion and eye for improving clinical outcomes and operational efficiencies.

Bob’s deep scientific and engineering expertise, combined with his hands on real-world experience in healthcare, allows him to take a systematic approach to enhancing the Infinite Leap methodologies which help clients leverage information generated by RTLS.

Bob has over 60 articles in scientific journals and has been awarded two patents. Yes, he is crazy smart, so if you are in need of a teammate for any trivia game – Bob is your guy. Just don’t ask him to answer a question in Arts, Literature, Sports, History, or Pop culture.

Beyond being our data guru, he is an aspiring vermiculturist, where he breeds worms for fishing.  Lucky for us he is a much better data scientist than worm farmer. He has assured us that given his current yields he won’t be quitting his day job anytime soon.