Easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to afford

Patients, as consumers of medical services, expect to:

  1. Spend less time in waiting rooms
  2. Have more quality time with their care providers
  3. Be in and out of the clinic efficiently

By leveraging real-time technologies, you can make it all happen.

WorkflowRT is a user-friendly cloud-based patient flow solution that automates workflow and communication using real-time location technologies (RTLS).

Effortless to set up and maintain

WorkflowRT is lightweight, cloud-based, and significantly faster to install than traditional patient flow solutions. You can be up and running in only a few hours! Plus, we handle all updates and maintenance, so you can focus on your patients.

easy to use

WorkflowRT is designed to be easy to use. Patients and staff can view live status view boards for all the information they need at a glance. And the best part – patient location and status information update automatically – no manual data entry!

Low cost. High Value.

WorkflowRT is the most affordable patient flow solution on the market. With a low-cost monthly fee, you can start using the system right away and see its positive impact from day one.

WorkflowRT gives your care team real-time visibility into the current locations and status of patients – from their arrival to disposition – so you can manage your workflow better and be aware of any potential bottlenecks or long patient wait times.

With visual indicators on the display board in the clinical area, staff can quickly see which patients need to be attended to.

Live status-view boards keep patients updated on where they are in the queue and their expected wait time.

With automated text messages, family members get instant updates on which phase of care their loved ones are in.

As a result, your patients and their families can stay informed and your practice rewarded with high patient satisfaction scores.

WorkflowRT also provides your team with necessary tools to drive continuous process improvements.  

With out-of-the box workflow reports, you can keep tabs on your key metrics to start tackling inefficiencies and measure results.
WorkflowRT Key Features:

  • Unlimited number of workflows per clinic and unlimited phases of care
  • Automated updates of patients’ phases of care by leveraging real-time location-enabled badges (you can also adjust phases of care manually)
  • User-defined thresholds for visual indicators of patient wait times
  • Sorting by any column and filters by workflow and phases of care
  • Automated text notifications when patients move to the next phase of care
  • Reports illustrating the average time patients spend in each phase of care, for analysis and workflow process improvement
  • Integration with Epic EHR for patient RTLS badging
  • HIPAA-compliant use of patient names or patient-badge numbers to ensure patient privacy.
  • Staff have the option of sending customized and personal messages to patients’ loved ones.
  • Quick and easy system setup and system administration
  • Cloud architecture allows for low cost of ownership and easy expansion to additional departments or facilities

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